Our history


D'Amore family begins trading in non-ferrous metals.


D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. is established and develops a gradual commercial expansion in shipbuilding and industrial building supplies.


100 years later, the company builds a new warehouse (100,000 m² ) in Serravalle Scrivia (AL), a strategic position at the centre of the Milan-Turin-Genoa industrial triangle.


Consumer development in Southern Italy leads to the opening of a new branch in the area, close to the production plants, to trade and coat tubular products. D'Amore Sud S.p.A.is established in Taranto (70,000 m²).


D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A., based in Serravalle Scrivia, is ideally served by highway and railway connections and very close to the most important North Western Mediterranean seaports.

It specializes in the national and international supply of a wide range of welded and seamless carbon steel pipes, especially pipelines. All pipes supplied are manufactured in qualified pipe producing plants that enjoy high quality characteristics and specification-compliant systems.


D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. always has the customer's quality demands at heart. The quality system is certified to ISO 9002 standards. The ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction is rewarded in 2003 with ISO 9001 certification.

Thanks to a modern and highly technological plant D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. is able to provide all finishing processes that qualify the pipe according to its intended use.D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. can satisfy a wide range of uses for steel pipes in waterworks, pipelines, petro-chemical and food plants, etc.

The quality of the products, the large stock availability, the prompt delivery, the wide and diversified range of production abilities in the finishing processes, make D'Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. the benchmark in the market of high quality pipes.


D’Amore & Lunardi S.p.A. becomes official Tenaris Distributor for seamless pipes used in the petrochemical market and a new warehouse is opened in Naples to improve the sales in Center-South Italy.


La D’Amore & Lunardi Spa opens in Naples a new warehouse to improve the sales in Center-South Italy


D’Amore & Lunardi Spa is 150 years old and the Italian Commerce Chamber names with the prestigious title of Historical Italian Company. Looking for improving the quality service to our clients and anticipating the new Market needs, D’Amore & Lunardi Spa obtains  from the Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici the certificate of “Centro Trasformazione Qualificato” for the mechanical processing applied on structural pipes (micropali)